January 28, 2015

A Journal to Document My Hobby

Welcome Friends!

I'm glad you're here today, I wanted to show you my new repurposed journal. As I've mentioned before, I've taken on a new hobby, spinning my own yarn. Well, as with any new hobby, the more you practice the better (hopefully) you get. So I wanted to document my journey, to see later how much I've improved but also to document how each fiber works up. The latter is very helpful when choosing more fiber for whatever use you are eventually going to apply it to. 

I actually made this journal quite a while ago but wasn't sure how I wanted to use it.

Fiber Journal Page 1

I was trying to think of how I would hold the swatches of spinning inside the book and came up with this little envelope idea. I used an envelope cutter and some scrapbook paper to create the envelope and then just taped it into the journal. It looks pretty and works great!

Fiber Journal Page 2-3

These two envelopes hold my latest project. The black and orange colors are my hubby's school colors and he sports them everywhere. I'm working on a scarf right now using this yarn. (I'll show you later)

Fiber Journal Back Cover
This journal used to be an old agricultural text book from the 1950s that I found at a yard sale somewhere. It was not in very good condition so I repurposed the cover. I loved the colors and the vintage graphics of the animals. That cute little sheep was what drew me to use it for my fiber journal. Perfect don't you think?

Fiber Journal Found Art

When I was leafing through the journal to see what I had done in it previously I found this Zentagle inspired picture that I had doodled. I decided to leave it in because I kinda like it.

Well, what do you think? Do you document your art/hobbies in some way? If so, I would love to hear about it or see it. 

Thanks for stopping by!

January 26, 2015

Don't Let Time Just Slip Away.

Welcome Friends!

Cracked doll in window with Shakespeare quote

Today's motivational quote is the kind that makes you sad so that you'll I'll be motivated to make a change. We are all subject to time, and the lack thereof. I am a huge abuser of time, giving myself over to stupid time wasters. My biggest wasters of time being TV and social media. Do you relate to my plight? Well, today I am taking a stand against all time wasters! Here's to more productive and creative days.

P.S - Isn't this doll a bit spooky? I was walking downtown awhile back and saw her staring out at me from the window of an antique shop. She and I connected but I didn't go in right then to take her home with me, when I went back a couple of days later she was gone, I hope she found a good home.

Until next time,
 ~ Terrie

January 25, 2015

How I used my Embroidery Hoop

Embroidery Hoop Scrapbook Photo Frame

Hi Friends, 

A while back I found a bunch of embroidery hoops at a garage sale and thought, I want to do something with these. So this weekend I finally did something with them!

Each month I give a class on crafting for my local friends and family. This month we made some cute birthday cards, you can see them HERE. For next month we'll be making this cute embroidery hoop scrapbook photo frame.

Embroidery Hoop Scrapbook Photo Frame

It was so simple to construct and fun! I used some old Close to my Heart patterned scrapbook paper, glitter paper, twine, photo, and art pens. That's all there is to it. There are so many ways that you could embellish it, you can really let your imagination run wild. 

{I love this picture of my grand daughter and me, it was calling out to be used it in a page or to be framed. So I did both! We had such a good time that day when we took a road trip up to the snow. I don't know if you can tell, but she was trying desperately to get down to play in it and wasn't very thrilled that Gramma wanted a picture.}

I can't wait to show the girls what we'll be making! So what do you think? How would you embellish it? I would love to hear your fun and creative ideas!

PS - I see embroidery hoops all the time at my local thrift store, so check your local stores for a great deal if you'd like to pick some up for yourselves.

Thanks for stopping by,
   ~  Terrie

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